Why does Vancouver need a new economy?


We want to change the structure of Canada’s economy to prioritize human well-being and a healthy ecosystem while ending economic stagnation.

As climate change accelerates, inequality increases and the imperatives of global finance are driving speculative bubbles, we want to formulate a new approach to economic thinking. Because our political system hasn’t addressed an economic structural change, can Canada’s universities jump start transition to a new economy?

This will be a gathering of people who understand there’s something fundamentally wrong with the current economic system and pioneers who are already building a new economy. We invite students from universities across the region, citizens and organizations who are interested in building momentum for this movement.

We have some questions about the structure of our economy:

  • Why is there such a limited approach towards economics taught at Canada’s universities?
  • How can university endowments and campus pension funds align with university sustainability commitments?
  • How can universities create the transition to a new economy that addresses our global environmental and human needs?
  • How can businesses provide meaningful work, promote healthy communities and take account of future generations?
  • With terrible unemployment and underemployment for youth, how can we address this head on?
  • What can we learn from initiatives already taking place around the world that are designed to support the new economy?
  • Should more emphasis be placed on meeting needs locally or is the global economy fostering increased international collaboration?
  • What policies can we develop to foster investments that meet community needs, while discouraging speculation?

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